ISOCHEMICALS is part of the Sacme Group, and was founded in 2007 to meet the new demands coming from the plastic foam and additives for XPS sectors. The company has an extremely lean structure and is present both in the European and non-European markets.

Our plants guarantee remarkable production capacity as well as products tailored to customer’s specifications. Raw materials are supplied by the main producers at global level.

We are also committed to researching and developing new products in compliance with the current European laws on chemical substances. This research is supported by technical expertise, by an internal laboratory, and by the cooperation with external laboratories at university centres specialized in polymers.

Sacme Group

Sacme S.p.A. was founded in 1971 and operates in different sectors, from distribution and compound of plastic materials to polyethylene and biopolymer film.

Dimap S.r.l. was founded in 2002 and distributes plastic materials.